LMAGANA, An Urban Clock

LMAGANA, An Urban Clock

The contest of L’MAGANA, or the celebration of 100 years of Guéliz, has for ambition
“A combination of the past and the future that is expressed in the present moment”.

And if MAGANA was a reinterpretation of what could be the “clock building” in the XXI century
in our particular context?

Magana must escape the programmed obsolescence of new technologies.
The magana must go through time and be a witness to this passing time.
Magana must accompany time and pierce generations.

The hourglass is the temporal tool par excellence to fulfill this mission:
transmit, accompany, indicate undeniably the time that passes,
the time that nourishes, the time that denudes the life of men and the city.


it is about an hourglass which fl ows 50 cm3 of sand a day and gives an appointment for its total flow on the occasion of the bicentennial of Guéliz.
The sand level of the receiving compartment is graduated on the load-bearing structure on a 100-year-old ladder; conversely, the sand level of the emitter compartment is graduated on the bearing structure on a 100-year scale (2013 – 2113 )


Xavier Guerrand Hermès, initiator of the CARRE EDEN project and President of the jury.
Nadia Zahi Cherkaoui, Deputy Managing Director of Active Invest
Karim El Achak, urban architect, project manager CARRE EDEN
OUM El Ghait Benssehraoui, songwriter
Amine Boushaba, journalist, cultural actor
Lovestories, A.Salem, FZ Aniny, S.El Massani

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