The Trace Man

The Trace Man

“This work is in the continuity of my research, it is about developing an imaginary taking into account the multiplicities and complexity of the contemporary world, an imaginary involving the recognition of otherness and the figure of the oxymoron,” in order to build the future we will have to give up the comfort of binary simplification to enter the infinite territory of the subtle nuance.

To oppose the true to the false, the spirit against the body, the material in the face of the abstract in artificial wars, forbids us the clear path of lucidity. Of course we have not finished questioning the being of things that already it is the link between the things themselves that seems to motorize the world. To be or not to be such is no longer the question, nor even how or what to be, but rather in the infinite mesh of possible truths, where are we and what is the nature, the value, the power of the link between us? Neither true nor false, neither you nor me, neither real nor virtual: between. “”

until June 6, 2013, at the CDG foundation, rabat, exhibition of stories, carte blanche to Mehdi Qotbi, curator Rita Alaoui, with Amina Agueznai, Fatima Maazmouz, Safaa Erruas, Fatiha Zemmouri, Meriem El Alj, Lamia Naji

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